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 about me 

  Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Light Chestnut Brown

Trends are compelling, and I frequently discover myself current. By relating and surrounding myself with people in various industries, I am able to apply what I learn and transfer concepts. I take risks and push boundaries with discipline and action.



Jack Ryan/Kevin Costner         |  Featured                   |   Kenneth Branagh

The Sitter/Jonah Hill                |  Featured                   |   David Gordon Green

The Good Wife                         |  Featured                  |   Charles McDougall

Royal Pains                                |  Featured                  |    Emile Levisetti

He Gets Me                               |   Co-Star                   |    DPM LLC

9-11 Remembrance                  |   Host                        |    DPM LLC

Excel Garner/Choreographer  |   Host                       |    DPM LLC


The Feast of Jovi Bono            |  Supporting/Zara       |   Manhattan Rep Theatre

Our Stories                                |  Supporting/Wynona |   June Havoc Theatre


Rock Me                                |  Original                 |   Diamond Pop Music LLC

Somebody to Love                |  Cover                    |   Diamond Pop Music LLC               ​

One Place to Stop                 |  Original                |   Diamond Pop Music LLC

 Training & education 

On Camera Audition Tech   |   Heidi Miami Marshall   |   Heidi Marshall Studio

​On Camera Audition Tech   | Jamie Carroll   |   Kimball Studio

Monologue Tech   |   Bobby Holder  |   TAPNYC

Commercial Technique  |   Barry Shapiro   |   Actors Connection

Business of Acting | Xen Siamas  |   Embracing Artists

TV Hosting | Alyse Zwick  |  Scott Powers Studios

TV Improv Acting | Joe Schiappa  |   Scott Powers Studios

Commercial Print | Scott Powers  |  Scott Powers Studios

 Special Skills 

Tele-prompter, Green screen, Scripting, Blog (“Hope Through My Lenses”), Pianist, Pop Singer, Piano  Teacher and Vocal Coach, Parenting, Pop culture, Hospitality, Sports car driving, Golf, Dancing, Health and diet, Mixology, Cooking, Dog breeding, Avid sports spectator (baseball, football, and polo), People with loved ones far away (serving America)

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